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    Our Workouts

    On The Road Again!



    We visited our manufacturers in North Carolina on Friday and hit up a Life Time Fitness before our flight back. We obviously crushed some Farmer's Carries to pay homage to being in farm country (pictured above). 

    We attempted to negotiate a two for one day pass with our Boston charm but they weren't having it. We did make them laugh which is always nice.

    Below is what we crushed, and yes, people stared in envy at our Pedestals in the functional training area.

    A1) Split Squat Cable Rows - 3 X 12 reps

    A2) KB Swings - 3 X 20 reps

    A3) Shoulder Taps - 3 X 20 reps

    B1) Gorilla KB Rows - 3 X 10 reps

    B2) Alternating Incline DB Bench - 3 X 12 reps

    B3) Face Pulls - 3 X 20 reps

    C1) Farmer's Carry - 3 X walk width of gym

    C2) Pallof Press - 3 X 10 presses per side (variation shown below)


    “Active feet creating stability from the ground by way of @pedestalfootwear. If you believe in barefoot training these are a game changer.” #Repost @vernongriffith4 #DitchYourShoes #BuildYourBase #AmericanMade ・・・ Growing to be one of my favorite rotational/anti-rotation standing core movements. Banded rotating reach and row loading hip with single arm anti-rotating press. . Bang for your buck there are many benefits of this movement and can be done with a cable machine as well. Active feet creating stability from the ground by way of @pedestalfootwear. If you believe in barefoot training these are a game changer. . #explorethecorners #VHP @vahighperformance @pedestalfootwear #barefoot #barefoottraining

    A post shared by Pedestal Footwear (@pedestalfootwear) on


    D1) Lateral Med Ball Slams - 3 X 10 reps

    D2) Body Saws - 3 X 10 reps

    We hope you enjoy!

    Much Love,


    Upper & Lower Pull

    A1 Suitcase KB Deadlift - 5 x 8 Each (video below)

    A2 Inverted Row - 5 x 8

    A3 Medicine Ball Slams - 5 x 8

    B1 KB Lateral Lunge - 3 x 6 Each (video below)

    B2 One Arm Plank Rows (video below)

    B3 Seated Cable Reverse Fly's - 3 x 12

    C1 Bent Over Cable Rows - 3 x 12

    C2 Resistance Band Reverse Fly's (video below) - 3 x 15



    You guessed it, more BURPEES!

    Today was tougher than usual because I was a bit beat up from the Jiu Jitsu double session last night.

    I performed 10 sets of 10 Burpees and alternated between 10 reps of Double KB Swings (demo'ed below by Kevin Carr) and 10 reps of Gorilla Rows.

    My goal was to do it in under 20 minutes and I met that goal. 



    It looked a little something like this:

    Rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 - 10 reps of Double KB Swings to 10 Burpees

    Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - 10 reps of Gorilla Rows to 10 Burpees

    I jammed out to Sylvan Esso during the workout who I saw perform here in Boston last week. Uncatena is my favorite jam of theirs.

    Keep ditching your shoes everyone!

    Much Love,


    Burpees & Gorilla Rows

    Ripped out a quick one this morning to kick-off the day and it was glorious!


    🦍MY 10 FAVORITE ROWS! ➖➖➖➖ 🧠Brighter minds than me like @drjohnrusin recommend doing 2-3x as much rowing (horizontal pulling) as pullups/pulldowns (vertical pulling) for shoulder health and performance. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to get that ✅done. I like sets of 8-15 reps for most rows, but of course will go lower and higher rep on occasion. Use all the tools and all the angles to get all dem GAINZZZZZZZZ! I've got a feeling my buddy @JayFerruggia might like this post... ➖➖➖➖ 1. Kettlebell Gorilla Rows 2. Chest-Supported Rows 3. @Purmotion_Official AirFit Rotational Rows 4. Parallel Bar EQualizer Rows 5. Free-Band Bent-Over Rows 6. Cross-Over Band/Cable Rows 7. @UltimateSandbag 2:1 Rows to Curl 8. 1-Arm Landmine Rows 9. Hammer-Grip Multi-Grip/Swiss Bar Rows 10. Dual Landmine/Renegade Rows ➖➖➖➖ 🏝Where can you get all my equipment? Go to 💻 (direct link in my bio) and get 10% off with my coupon code: ➖➖➖➖ TheDailyBJ ➖➖➖➖ #Rows #Rowing #Back #BackWorkout #BackExercises #Muscle #Bodybuilding #Gym #HomeGym #BackyardGym #GarageGym #Gear #Fitness #Workout #Exercise #Malibu #LA #SoCal #GardenOfGainz #Kettlebell #Kettlebells #Gainz

    A post shared by BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour) on


    Went from Gorilla Rows (crushed above by BJ Gaddour) to Burpees. 

    I mixed up the Gorilla Rows with rep ranges and iso holds. For the Burpees, I sprawled (helps with Jiu Jitsu training) and increased my power output for the jump as a way to make it harder.

    Below is a breakdown of how it went:

    Rounds 1-3 - Alternating Gorilla Rows 10 per side & 10 Burpees

    Rounds 4-6 - Iso Gorilla Row Holds for 20-30 seconds per side & 10 Burpees

    Rounds 7-10 - Double Arm Gorilla Rows 10 reps & 10 Burpees

    The goal was to finish as quickly as possible. As a result I was huffing and puffing and very svveeaattyy. 

    Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

    Much Love,


    7.30.18 - Burpees, Pull-Ups & Swings, Oh My!


    You wanna know what I’m not doing tonight? I’m not sitting around jealous of other people’s success or being resentful of other people’s hard work. I’m not badmouthing people: to their face, behind their back, or from behind the safety of a keyboard. And I’m definitely not engaging in the hatred that has seemed to fill our world lately. Instead I’m just hanging out (literally and figuratively) focused on being the best version of Bobby Maximus that I can be. Three more things. One, I just referred to myself in third person. Deal with it. Two, I probably need dance lessons. Three, isometrics work. They really, really work. That’s all. Have a great night. Love you all. #everydamnday #hateitorloveit #backabs 🎵 @drdre

    A post shared by Bobby Maximus (@bobbymaximus) on


    The above iso pull-up (second movement in my workout) from Bobby Maximus is an awesome example of time under tension being just as valuable as rep range. They are also a perfect pairing with burpees which I do a lot of. The combo of pull-ups and burpees hit every muscle in your body and are the perfect way to start your day.

    I'm working towards my goal of 25,000 burpees in 2018 for the Courage Foundation and have definitely seen a positive change in my upper body and overall conditioning (pic below). The burpees continue to be part of my daily routine and I love it. 

    If you're in a rush, can't make it to the gym, or need to get your energy up, just rip out some burpees and your body will thank you. 

    Below is what I crushed at home.

    10 Rounds of:

    A1. 10 Burpees

    A2. Iso Pull-Ups for 20-30 seconds (mix up your grip and go as slow as possible)

    A3. 10-20 reps of KB Swings, Snatches, and/or High Pulls (mix it up and have fun)

    Thank you for reading and keep crushing!

    #DitchYourShoes & #BuildYourBase

    Much Love,