Farmers Carries & Sled Pushes @ Fitness Together Boston

I had the pleasure of getting a sweat in with JP, Owner of Fitness Together Boston and all around awesome dude. 

As a business owner and coach, time is always precious. He has a Monday, Wednesday, Friday lifting schedule and on Tuesday/Thursday he works in some sprints and carries/sled pushes.

Thursday is usually a mix of sled pushes and farmers carries so that's what we crushed. 

The workout went as follows:

Descending & Ascending Ladder w/ Farmers Carries & Sled Pushes

90lbs in each hand on Round 1, then 80lbs for Round 2, then 70lbs for Round 3, then 60lbs for Round 4, then back to 70lbs for Round 5, then 80lbs for Round 6, then 90lbs for Round 7. Wooooooo! (an 'o' for each round)

Farmers Carries Up & Back X 2 paired with Sled Pushes Up & Back X 2 (whatever weight we were carrying would then go on the sled after the carries). If I had to guess, I would say that we were carrying and pushing a total of 60 yards with each movement. 

It was quick and dirty and I loved every second of it. Getting a sweat in with the owners and coaches we work with is always the highlight of what we do and I'm grateful to JP for having me.

Thank you for reading and #DitchYourShoes!

Much Love,


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