One pose for a total body warm-up with @MobilityMaker

This month we will bringing you movements of the week from our amazing friend Dana Santas aka @MobilityMaker.

We met Dana at the Perform Better Summit in Orlando last year (picture below) and she has been crushing content for us ever since.

Today is a movement you most likely have performed at some point, but it is always good to re-introduce something that is super effective and can be done just about anywhere. 

Here Dana explains the ideal Downward Dog:

"Downward dog isn’t just a yoga “pose!” With the right cuing, it can be an effective warm-up exercise before a lift or, basically, any type of training session, since it addresses total body. It’s especially helpful for releasing tension in the low back in an active position as opposed to a passive stretch. That’s why it’s one of the exercises for regaining strength and mobility in my book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief.”"


Thank you to @MobilityMaker for the killer movements and thank you all for visiting.

Ditch Your Shoes & Build Your Base

Much Love,

The Pedestal Guys

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