Pedestal Performance Testing

The amazing team at Champion PT were kind enough to host us for a workout and some Pedestal testing.

We have heard from multiple facilities we work with that bar speed, power output, and agility had improved with their athletes when they integrated Pedestals into their warm-ups and workouts. We wanted data to support these claims so we asked Champion PT if they would be willing to put our Pedestals to the test.

Among the athletes that were tested in the vertical leap, there was an average jump height increase of just over 9% in Pedestals over traditional training sneakers. Nine percent! That is a drastic increase when you're talking athletic performance. 

Life is a game of inches and wins and losses have been determined by the slightest of margins. Through our testing and testimonials, we know what we provide helps people move, feel, and perform better.

So whether you are a college athlete about to head back to school for training camp, a weekend warrior, or an endurance athlete, our Pedestals will help improve your athletic development and durability.

As always, thank you for your support and keep DITCHING YOUR SHOES!

Much Love,



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