Ladies Lifting

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the ladies out there who crush in their Pedestals. You inspire us each and every day. 

We created the below workout by combining movements from three of the strongest ladies we know.

Hip Mobility Warm-Up


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Ready for some serious hip-mobility progressions from a figure-four stretch? Of course you are!???? . Check out this quick video I made during my warm-up today. It’s a series I use often both personally and with pro-athlete clients…so don’t give me the excuse that you’re too big or bulky to do these moves…I guide 240lb+ NFL clients through these all the time!???? . The efficacy (and safety) of these progressions is all based on following the specific cues for proper position/alignment, applying manual assistance with your hands, engaging breathing mechanics/obliques for rib movement/position and low-back inhibition.✅ . Give it a try and let me know what you think.???? . #hipmobility #hipmobilityprogessions #movebetter #performbetter @perform_better @pedestalfootwear

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KB Mobility Flow



Single Arm @strongfirst KB Complex w/ @laurenpak22 (she is 36 weeks pregnant and still crushing!) 

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Threw this little @strongfirst complex in at the end of my lift tonight! It’s called the “deep six” complex and it includes all six of the fundamental KB skills taught in the level one certification! - In this third trimester kettlebells have definitely been my favorite thing to work with because I can easily adjust my stance and can modify how I use them to accommodate for the growing bump! Here are a few things I’ve been doing the last several weeks: - ⭐️Switched to all single arm variations. With single arm I can keep the bell off to the side when I swing it back so my arm doesn’t hit against my belly. - ⭐️TGUs from the top down and only to the elbow. You can see me do this in the complex. The initial roll from my back to my elbow started feeling like too much pressure on my core and initially I just took TGUs out altogether, but once I realized I could start from the top and only go as low as the elbow before coming back up, I’ve been loving having them back in my program. - ⭐️Lighter bells on some exercises. I did this complex with a 14kg and would probably typically do it with more like an 18. I’m much more easily winded now, so even though I probably COULD do it with a heavier bell, I don’t feel the need to push the weights because I’m still getting a good workout in without overly fatiguing myself! - 36 weeks and going strong! #pregnancy #36weekspregnant #36weeks #thirdtrimester #pregnancyworkout #birthfit

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Thank you all for reading and keep Ditching Your Shoes!

Much Love,

Mike & Brendan

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