Performance Enhancing Pedestals

There are some PED's in the Sox and Yankee's Clubhouses but not the kind that you're thinking of...

Performance Enhancing Pedestals are making their way through the MLB, so we were invited to Fenway to hang with some players who love ditching their shoes. 

We have always taken pride in being the behind the scenes training tool that helps athletes of all levels improve how they move, feel, and perform.  

That said, it was awesome to meet up with Radley Haddad (top picture), one of the many Yankees who use our product to train at their best. 

As two Boston Boys, it's hard to like the Yankees, but as long as they keep ditching their shoes and sending us pictures like the above, they will always have a place in our hearts. 

Thank you for reading!

Ditch Your Shoes,

Mike & Brendan

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