Allied Strength X Pedestal Footwear Workout

Kevin Larrabee continues to be one of the top Strength & Conditioning resources through his FitCast Podcast, as a Co-founder of the CFSC, and now as the Owner of Allied Strength

We cruised up to check out Kevin's new digs in fisherman country (Gloucester, MA) and had a killer workout in the process.

Below is the workout with some videos of us getting our sweat on.

Allied Strength X Pedestal Footwear Crush Session

Foam Rolling while discussing celebrity gossip ; )

3 Rounds:

A1) Chin Up x 5 Reps

A2) Walking Lunge x 6 Reps Per Side

If you don't know this one, Google it ; )

A3) Farmer Carries x 2 Trips

3 Rounds:

B1) KB OH Press x 6 Reps Per Side

B2) KB Swing x 12 Reps

B3) Landmines x 6 Reps Per Side


Running the rack like animals...


Thanks again for hosting us Kevin. You are an awesome dude.

We hope you all enjoy!

Ditch Your Shoes.

Much Love,

The Pedestal Guys

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