After a day out on the golf course yesterday (pic below of me rocking the 1.0's in my golf spikes), I woke up on Sunday and my back was feeling a bit sore. This is most likely due to the fact that my friends and I had no time to warm up because we rushed to make our tee time.

It was the same sort of soreness that I get after sitting for a while or sleeping in a funky position. Usually when this happens, I like to attack the soreness (not for everyone), so I loaded up on some pulls for my Sunday workout. 

Here is my workout from yesterday morning:

A1 Two KB Sumo DL - 3 sets of 12

A2 Side Plank Cable Row - 3 sets of 12 each

A3 Beast Pose Shoulder Taps on Slide Board (main picture) - 3 sets of 5 each

B1 1 Min Erg

B2 Bent over Cable Row 3 sets of 12

B3 Farmers Carry - 3 sets 40 yards

C1 Landmine SLDL with Row (video below) - 3 sets of 6 each

C2 Explosive Push-Up - Body Weight for 3 sets of 5

D1 Inverted Row - 1 set to failure 

D2 Rotational Low to High Cable Press - 2 sets of 15 each


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