The Busy Dad Workout

The Busy Dad Workout

Good Morning Friends!

We are back with a quickie #WorkoutWednesday for all of the busy dads out there. 

This is a military-type workout called the M100 that targets the entire body. 

The goal is to go through three rounds as quickly as possible with stellar technique through each movement. Check out the full workout below:

M100 Workout

Perform 3 Rounds 

A1) Burpees X 10 Reps

A2) Mountain Climbers X 10 Reps

A3) Jump Squats X 10 Reps 

Top it off with 10 more Burpees to hit 100 Reps!

Feel free to spice up each movement with a weight vest or a kettlebell with the Jump Squats. 

We hope you enjoy!

Much love,



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