Good Morning & Happy #WorkoutWednesday Friends!

We are back with one of our Top 5 movements, the Turkish Get-Up.

The TGU is a staple at Iron Monkey Strength and they have have been posting TGU PR's for well over a year now. 

The majority of their clients use Pedestals as their preferred training footwear so they created some custom Pedestals which came out awesome. 

Below is a KB workout that includes TGU's and some PR videos from Iron Monkey. Enjoy!

Iron Monkey Strength PR's & a spicy KB workout!


A) TGU's - the reps depends on the load, I like to perform 3-5 reps on each side with a moderately heavy load

B1) KB Swings - 10-15 reps X 3 sets

B2) KB Lateral Lunges - 10-15 reps X 3 sets

C1) KB Rows - 10-15 reps X 3 sets

C2) KB Single Leg RDL's - 10-15 reps X 3 sets

D1) KB Halos - 20 reps (10 in each direction) X 3 sets

D2) KB Suitcase Carries - 30-60 seconds each side X 3 sets

Thank you for reading and always #DitchYourShoes

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