The Ultimate (Road) Warrior

The Ultimate (Road) Warrior

Happy Wednesday Folks!

This #WorkoutWednesday comes to you by way of Brooklyn, NY.

I'm on the road for work and to visit family so the bodyweight workouts are going down. 

I really enjoyed the Snatch Pyramid from this past Sunday so I applied the same rep scheme to two movements, Squats & Push-Ups.

This time I started with 1 Squat & 1 Push-Up, then 2 Squats & 2 Push-Ups, then 3 Squats & 3 Push-Ups, all the way up to 10. You can end it at 10 reps of each movement for a total of 110 reps (55 Squats & 55 Push-Ups) or if you're feeling spicy you can work your way back down the ladder for a total of 200 reps (100 Squats & 100 Push-Ups).

If you are in a position to add weight, create more tension, or mix some things up with the above movements, have at it.

Whether you're traveling or just trying to get a quick pump on, give this a go!

Much Love,


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