Every Minute On The Minute

Every Minute On The Minute

Good Morning Folks!

Hope you all are having a nice transition into this crispy weather. These cool mornings are perfect for working up a sweat.

The below workout is another one I did from the road with my trusty KB. Feel free to scale up or down with rounds and/or reps.

20 Minute EMOM

The KB was held with both hands

Reverse Lunge X 3 reps per side

Rows X 6 reps

OH Press X 6 reps

You end up performing 120 reps of each movement and 360 reps total in a relatively short period of time.

Feel free to perform each movement with a single hand/arm and mix up the movements. 

I love these types of workouts because it's a set it and forget it. 

Keep Crushing & Always Ditch Your Shoes

Much Love,


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