Your first Pilates class can be intimidating. Are there special types of clothing required? What if you wear the wrong thing? Do you have to dress differently than you would at home? The good news is dressing for Pilates is simple, and there’s likely no need to spend money on new clothes.

How To Dress For A Pilates Class

So, how should you dress for Pilates? There are a few things to consider when selecting clothing for your next Pilates lesson. You’ll want athletic-branded fabric because it enables natural movement without being too baggy or loose. If you’re wearing leggings, check to make sure the waistband does not dig into your skin.

  • Shorts are a popular choice in many classes. Beyond comfortability, shorts allow instructors to get better look at your alignment and form.
  • Form-fitting yoga tank tops are a good pick for class, just make sure that you can move well and that the top won’t “ride up” your body during class.
  • T-shirts are fine to wear (again, as they are not too baggy). Ensure that the shirt will not ride up or overexpose you during Pilates movements. A round neck is better than a low-cut one, as many poses involve lying on your front while raising the upper half of your body.

What Do Men Wear To Pilates?

Just like women, men need to have clothing that will allow them to move easily without riding up or getting tangled. Men typically choose tight-fitting, compression shorts and wear baggier athletic shorts over them. While shorts alone are fine, men typically choose to wear compressions underneath to keep their man parts from being exposed during specific Pilates movements. On top, a slim fitting tee or compression shirt would suffice. If you’re feeling cool during the first portion of the session, pair a shirt with a zippered hoodie that can be removed once you’ve warmed up.

Do I Need To Go Barefoot?

Pilates is often practiced barefoot. However, many people say that wearing Pilates socks improves their sessions. Pilates socks, such as those created by Pedestal, give excellent traction while still covering your feet. Instructors can easily see where your feet are, and if they appropriate position. Finally, the grippy surface helps you maintain your balance in challenging poses.

Pedestal Socks For Pilates

Our Pilates socks are made of thick and durable material, so they hold up to regular use. Our anti-microbial finish fights germs and odors, so you don’t have to worry if you forget a pair in your gym bag all week between classes.

Final Thoughts

If Pilates becomes your new hobby, you can begin to invest in more expensive Pilates-specific gear. There are fashionable choices available at almost every price point. However, it’s important to understand that when you are just getting started, the basics are fine. Fitted bottoms, a shirt on top, and a good pair of Pedestal socks are more than enough to get you through your first class.