KB Work w/ Mike Perry from Skill of Strength


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Fix your KB Front Squat with this killer trick from @coachmikeperry ???? #DitchYourShoes ・・・ So, we’ve finally found a good way to use this foamy pad thing that looks like it might fit on a barbell ???? One of the biggest mistakes on the double kettlebell front is losing the pelvic, rib cage and lat connection. When performed correctly, this squat variation should light up your anterior core???????? Here’s a simple drill that will teach you the proper positioning rather quickly. Step 1️⃣- clean a pair of kettlebells. Step 2️⃣- find a friend who wants to see you get stronger, and have them place the pad between your triceps and ribs. Step 3️⃣- squeeze the pad and perform a set of squats. ????DO NOT DROP THE PAD!???? Step 4️⃣ - feel those abs and practice. Step 5️⃣- You’re welcome! @kpdrisco17 @pedestalfootwear @iamevanmarcantonio @brewedstronger @brettjonessfg @strongfirst @amandamaryperry @derekchristeler @xaviersalinas11 @functionalmvmt @perform_better @drjohnrusin #kettlebellworkout #kettlebells #squat #deadlift #abs #training #functionaltraining #fms #movewithfms

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Got some killer KB work in and used the above KB Front Squat tip from Mike Perry, Owner of Skill of Strength. 

Mike is an awesome dude and trains several highly ranked fighters in the UFC. 

The workout is as follows:

6-8 Rounds

6 Double KB Swings

6 Alternating Cleans (3 each side)

6 RDL's

6 Front Squats

6 Rows

6 Push-ups

Ditch Your Shoes & GET SOME!!!

Much Love,


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