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5 STEPS TOWARD BETTER KETTLEBELL SWINGS! - What’s up, Achievers?! @laurenpak22 here and today I’m breaking down the steps we use to progress to the kettlebell swing with proper technique! Here are some details about each step: - 1️⃣Hip hinge with PVC pipe: Hold the dowel along your back so it touches three points of contact (your head, upper back, and tailbone.) From there, practice hinging at the hips and sitting your butt back without losing any of those points of contact. This will help you learn how to hip hinge while maintaining a neutral spine! - 2️⃣Deadlift: After you’ve mastered the hip hinge, started strengthening that pattern with a kettlebell deadlift. - 3️⃣Hike pass: It’s important to learn the very first step of the swing because it is what will set you up for the entire set! To perform the hike pass, stand behind the kettlebell, hinge your hips with a neutral spine, grip the handle and tilt the bell back toward you. This is your starting position. From there, use your lats to hike the bell back between your legs, keeping it up high above your knees, then return it to the start position. - 4️⃣Dead stop swing: Now you’re ready to practice individual reps! The dead stop swing starts just like the hike pass, but instead of returning the bell to the start, you push your feet into the floor, extend your hips, lock out your knees, and allow the bell to float out in front of you. From there, swing the bell back between your legs again, and return to the start position. - 5️⃣Swing your heart out!! - We hope you found this tutorial helpful! Hit that little heart button if you did, and tag a friend who might find this useful! Until next time, ✌️???????? . . . #kettlebell #kettlebells #kettlebellswing #kettlebellswings #somervillema #achievefitnessboston

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Lauren Pak from Achieve Fitness Boston (video above) is here to show you how to perform the perfect KB Swing using these 5 easy steps. 

I can say with confidence that I have performed a KB Swing nearly every day for the last 7+ years.

I've done the 30 Day 10,000 KB Swing Challenge multiple times with killer results.

Several KB Swing variations continue to be a staple in my warm-ups and workouts.

Frankly, swings are the best bang for your buck movement when executed with proper form. 

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