Warm Up & Workout with @SeanGarner from @Anatomy

@SeanGarner is all about crushing workouts anywhere with minimal equipment. It just so happens he loves to ride the gain train in his Pedestals.

Below, Sean takes us through a warm up and two different workouts in this week's Pedestal Blog.

The Wall Squat Warm Up

The Wall Squat is an exercise I use as a warm-up / movement prep for a lower body workout. By squatting with your toes against the wall it really forces you to stay back on your heels. ???? Here I show 2 versions, regular and feet together. Putting your feet together REALLY challenges your mobility and is very difficult. I am still working on it myself. ???? Here is the setup... Feet in your squat stance with your toes and nose touching the wall. Drive the hips back as you squat, then stand up. ???? This is a great way to check your current level of mobility and an easy way to test range improvements. ???? Film yourself and tag me @seangarner to show me what you got???????? #SquatCheck ???? Have an AWESOME day! #squat #mobility #movewell #movement #wallsquats #legday @pedestalfootwear

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30 Minutes or Less Workout! 


Weekend Warrior Workout  

#WeekendWarriors assemble!???? ???? Get moving this weekend with 5 rounds of Sled Drag 40yds 20 KB Swings 10 Goblet Squats 10 Stir the Pots each side ???? No sled? Grab a towel and load to down and pull it. This is a fun way to involve your kids with your workout???? No KB? Do DB skier swings or jump squats or hip thrusts No physio ball? Do body saws, side planks or front planks???? ???? Give this a try this weekend and tag me to show me how you modified it. ???? For more workouts like this designed for busy people check out my 6 week free #ProjectKeystone training program at GarnerFit.com (Link in my bio) ???? Have an AWESOME day! #fitdad #fullbodyworkout #athomeworkout #squat #kbswings #coreworkout @pedestalfootwear #repost @seangarner ????

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Ditch Your Shoes.

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