"Do you have those finger socks?"

A question we get asked often is if we have or are developing the finger socks. 

There are a few reasons why we do not offer them. Most importantly, is that just because two people have the same sized foot, does not mean that they have the same length, width, and splay in their toes. This would force someone into a preset cast and would be totally counter intuitive to the mission. 

We recently figured out a way to create optimal freedom of the toes in our new 4.0's. With our new and redesigned toe team, the toes are removed from all restrictions and can move freely during any movement. With an elastic toe seam, you can truly free your toes in our new 4.0's, which are also our most breathable and fastest drying product to date. 

Below are a few pictures and videos of the new toe seam in action. 



We hope you all get a chance to try our new 4.0's and feel the difference. 

#freeyourtoes #ditchyourshoes

Much Love,

Mike & Brendan  

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