International Women's Day Workout

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we bring you a workout comprised of movements from some of the strongest women we know.

Be sure to warm-up and cool down properly. Both of these movements can be done pre and post workout:

Hamstring Stretch  


Weighted Kneeling Posture Fix 


Push & Pull Circuit 

A1) Deadlift - 5x5 


A2) Bench Press  - 4x6-8

Ditch Your Shoes for a Bigger Bench! ???? #repost @ironbodybyartemis _____ Do you know how to use your legs for a stronger bench press? _____ “If you bench press correctly then your butt will be sore, you will feel it in your glutes…” ~Me in this video _____ Turn up the volume ⬆️????and listen ???????? in to this segment from my FB Live yesterday on the purpose of the back arch for the bench press. ???????? _____ Watch the full video on my @youtube channel link in bio above ????????or HERE ???????? __________________________________ #training #tip #tips #trainingtip #barbell #benchpress #legdrive #backarch #facebook #live #facebooklive #fitnessblog #strength #strengthtraining #ladieswholift #girlswholift #notafraidtolift #strongaf @pedestalfootwear @exercisecom

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B1) KB Row - 3x10-12 

On Tuesdays we wear pink and row on! *** Rows are a staple in my program. Strengthening the upper back is an integral part to any runner's or triathlete's strength program. *** Not only does it enforce improved upright posture but it counteracts the swimming motion, the aero position on the bike, and the typical desk job life that most people have. For every push performed(ie: pushups or bench/floor press) you should perform 2 types of pull activities like rows. *** To perform correctly follow the following steps… 1. Hinge at your hips and engage your abdominals 2. Start with arms down in front of you then row up. 3. Allow the shoulder blades to come together and pull your arms to your side( do not go too far beyond causing your shoulder to protrude forward. 4. Repeat. Choose a weight that you can perform 3x8 to start with and you should not feel this in your low back! Try it out! Let me know how you like it! #runfitdoc #runcoach #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #running #runnerswholift #runnersofinstagram #triathlete #marathontraining #movementvariability #nuunlife #nuunbassador #buildyourbase #pedestalfootwear #repost @runfitdoc

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B2) Single Leg Deasdlift - 3x10 per side

LEARN HOW TO PERFORM SINGLE LEG DEADLIFTS! - We absolutely love single leg deadlifts! They help you to gain stability on one leg while also building strength in your posterior chain! Today, Achieve owner @laurenpak22 discusses how to properly perform them in order to get the maximum benefit from this exercise! - In this video, Lauren touches on the following key points: ????Shift the hips back just like you would in a regular deadlift ????Allow the front leg to bend about 20 degrees ????Keep the back leg straight and reach it as far behind you as you can to help facilitate the hips back positioning ????Create a straight line from the back of your head to the back of your heel ????Keep the knee of the working leg over the mid foot (don’t let it cave in) ????Keep your hips and shoulders square ????Push into the floor to stand up tall - We really hope that helps to explain some of the nuances of the single leg deadlift! Give the post a double tap if you enjoyed it, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments! ✌️???????? #repost @achievefitnessboston #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw

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C1) KB Swing - 3x12-15 

Swinging into the weekend with a killer set up demonstration from @achievefitnessboston co-founder @laurenpak22 ???? #repost #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw ・・・ Don't rush your kettlebell swing set up!! - When you rush, you tend to let your form slip, and we don't want to see that! ???? As you can see in the first part of this video, @achievefitnessboston owner @laurenpak22 doesn't take the time to tilt the bell back or get the bell to an appropriate distance away from her, which causes her to round her back and perform a sloppy swing overall. - In the second part of the video, she takes her time at the bottom. She brings the kettlebell closer to her by engaging her lats and making sure her shoulders are down and back. She also sets her spine in a neutral position to avoid putting her lower back at risk! This produces a much more powerful and efficient swing! - Don't forget that the set up is important, and it often determines how your set will go!

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C2) BB Hip Thurst - 3x10-12


D) Flow Finisher - 2x2-3 rounds

We love this beautifully executed Steel Mace Pedestal Flow from @sunscheinen ???? #repost #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw ・・・ Recently my energy during my workouts has been suffering greatly; I’ll go into a workout thinking “Wow, I really don’t want to do anything today.” But still, the past couple of days I’ve ended up pushing to do way more than I thought I would... and god it feels so good, too. Don’t be hard on yourself for having an off day, or even an off week - be good to yourself and celebrate your body’s strength even in times of weakness ????☺️???? #fridayflow • • • • I absolutely loved this steel mace flow from @themvmtcoach - and was SO surprised at my ability to perform it!!!

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Thank you to all of the amazing women who continue to inspire us. We are truly honored that you choose to crush in our Pedestals!

Ditch Your Shoes.

Much Love,

The Pedestal Guys

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