Spice Up Your Wall Sit

Spice Up Your Wall Sit

Wall sits are a phenomenal lower body isometric exercise and most of us were introduced to them as some form of cruel punishment in middle school. 

There are many ways you can add wall sits into your program or routine, but one of my favorites is part of a burn out or finisher. Below is a recent bodyweight only workout I completed. 

A1) 20 Bodyweight Squats

A2) 20 Second Wall Sit

A3) 5 Bodyweight Squats 

- Complete three times through.

Furthermore, if you want to spice up your wall sit or just try a new variation below are three version you may want to try. 

Toes Elevated Wall Sit -  Targeting more of the hamstrings and Glutes


Heel Elevated Wall Sit - Targeting more of the Calves and Quads


Wall Sit with Alternating Toe and Heel Lifts



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