Build Strong Obliques With These Two Exercises

Build Strong Obliques With These Two Exercises

When it comes to building core strength, the obliques often take a backseat to traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and planks. That being said, the obliques play a critical role in stabilizing the spine, building great posture, and rotational power.  

Both the internal and external obliques play a massive role in the rotation of the body. External obliques are opposite side rotators and interior obliques are same side rotators. In other words, when you rotate to the right your left external obliques are firing and so too are your right internal obliques. 

Here are two exercises for you to try the next time you are looking for some more core work. 

Exercise #1 - Kettlebell Lateral Swings

Exercise #2 - Side Plank ISO Hold

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