Sunday Sprints

Sunday Sprints

Good Morning Folks!

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. 

This workout is really simple and requires no equipment. 

I was inspired by the Amherst College Football conditioning test which is 16 X 100 yard sprints that all have a 16-18 second cap. You have 30 seconds between each sprint to recover.

Whether your inside or outside, you can adjust the workout based on your location. If you're inside you have the option of just running in place or performing wall sprints.

If you have access to a field I encourage you to wear Pedestals or go bearfoot. Either will allow you to really feel the ground and build foot strength and stability. 

If you're inside make sure to run in place for 16-18 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 16 times.

If you're outside, mark off 100 years and LET IT RIP! Sprints suck, but they WORK. 

I hope you all enjoy and always DITCH YOUR SHOES!

Much Love,


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