Swing Into Sunday

Swing Into Sunday

Good Morning Folks!

The journey to eliminate the dad bod continues.

The goals have been to sweat daily, work in some walking or hiking, cold plunges and sauna sessions when possible, cut out late night snacking, crush sleep, and be grateful.

So far it’s been working and I’m pumped to keep crushing. Below is a workout I took for a spin on Friday during the hottest part of the day. My trunks were soaked and I actually got a little nauseous, I’m fine though.

End of the week sweat sesh!

6 Rounds (next time I’ll do it for time)

*5 reps on each side or 10 reps depending on the movement 

A1) Suitcase Squats X 5 reps per side 

A2) Snatches X 5 reps per side

A3) RDL’s X 5 reps per side

A4) Swings X 5 reps per side

A5) Rows X 5 reps per side (will do 10 reps per side next time)

A6) Curl to Press X 5 reps per side

A7 ) Dips X 10 reps

Got in 420 reps to be exact (sweet 420 reference brah!)

I went back and forth between my KB and DB that has a Fat Grip on it. Just wanted to mix it up and keep it spicy.

Can’t wait to share more workouts and progress with you all.

Have an awesome rest of your weekend and DITCH YOUR SHOES!

Much Love,


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