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Feel the Heel | Eliminate Knee Pain and Improve Your Squat

Feel the Heel | Eliminate Knee Pain and Improve Your Squat

Try this drill the next time you squat. Here are the steps:1. Grab anything you can find that will elevate the toes. ... more

Want to keep a client for a long time? Give them what THEY want!

On Monday, I visited our long time supporters and friends over at Fitness Together in Melrose. James Re is the manage... more

No time for a warm up? Do this instead!

TIME!It seems like we just don't have enough of it and we are fighting the clock every day. "I don't have time to mea... more

Dynamic Warm-Up | A-Skip Progression

Dynamic Warm-Up | A-Skip Progression

Did you know that your feet have the capability to do everything that your hands can do?! This is pretty amazing and ... more

What's wrong with wearing sneakers?

Unlike a shirt or pants, sneakers are detrimental to movement because of the everyday pounding and abuse that our fee... more

Bonesaw's First Two Weeks @ Achieve Fitness

The first two weeks with the Achievers have been awesome. It has been 10+ years since sticking to a strength and cond... more