Bonesaw's First Two Weeks @ Achieve Fitness

The first two weeks with the Achievers have been awesome. It has been 10+ years since sticking to a strength and conditioning program so I'm pumped to share my progress. 

I've shared the first two workouts in a previous blog post so I'll provide the third workout that I just wrapped up for the second time.

Workout 3 of 3 in my 4 Week Program (3 workouts per week and I've done 6 total so I'm halfway through my first of many custom programs)

A) Box Jumps - 4 Reps X 4 Rounds (the first movement always serves as a primer)

The below was done for 3 Rounds

B1) KB Lateral Lunge w/ SLDL - 8 Reps

B2) Single Arm Cable Pulldown - 10 Reps Per Side

B3) Hollow Hold w/ Knees to Chest & Arms Pointing Forward - 5 Breaths X 2 Sets

The below was done for 3 Rounds

C1) Single Arm Landmine Presses - 8 Reps

C2) Single Leg Elevated Hip Thrust w/ Chains - 8 Reps Per Side

C3) Heavy KB Farmer's Carries

C4) Backwards Leopard Crawls 

The below was done for 5 Rounds 

Finisher - 70lb Heavy Ball to Shoulder - Max reps in 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest

The workout hit everything and I felt like a million bucks, especially after my post-workout Mango Crusher smoothie (pic below), yum yummy!

Thank you to the team at Achieve for always being awesome and showing this old dog new tricks. 

More to come and please always #DitchYourShoes

Much Love,



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