Want to keep a client for a long time? Give them what THEY want!

On Monday, I visited our long time supporters and friends over at Fitness Together in Melrose. 

James Re is the manager at the Melrose location and he was kind enough to bring me through an awesome workout. When I arrived, we chatted for a few and then he asked me what my typical gym session looked like. Below are the three items that I mentioned. 

  1. Full body 

  2. Fast

  3. Efficient 

It may seem simple, but giving the client what THEY want and not what the TRAINER wants or thinks they want is a huge concept for a trainer/coach to learn. Keeping things simple is harder than it seems for many reasons. From trying to brand yourself, ego, and even the time/energy/money spent on certifications. You may have seen the email signature that looks something like the following: 


It was very impressive that James was able to ask me a few questions, listen to my response, and give me exactly what I wanted based on my response.

Below is what we did. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Fitness Together Melrose

Today's Workout: Upper Body Push/Pull mechanics, Lower body isometrics, Anti rotation, Anti extension, Anti lateral flexion, Hip/Ankle stability, Reactive Neuromuscular Training, Barefoot/Pedestal Training. 

Warm Up:

  • Segmental Cat Camels - x5

  • Side Lying Thoracic Windmills - x10 each side 

  • Bird Dogs - 10 second Holds x3 each side 

  • Tall Kneeling Pelvic Tilts - with Trainer assisted anti extension and anti rotation techniques

  • Foam Roller Wall Slides x 10 x 2 set's 

  • SlingShot Lateral Shuffles x 45 seconds


  • A. Bird Dog Rows @ Bench - 3 sets x 10 reps

  • B. McGill Press @ Bench - 3 set's x 10 Reps 

Cycle A & B 3x through, 20-30 seconds rest between left and right sides. 40 - 60 second rests between each exercise.

  • A. Staggered Low Anchor Rows @ Functional Trainer with RNT hip abduction - 2-3 sets x 10 Reps 

  • B. Standing Landmine Press - Staggered position - 2-3 sets x 10 Reps 

Cycle A & B 3x through, 20-30 seconds rest between left and right sides. 40 - 60 second rests between each exercise. 

  • A. SlideBoard Body Saws - 2-3 set's x 10-12 Reps 

  • B. Single Arm Farmers Carries - 30 Second Carries x 2-3 set each side.

Straight Sets. 30-40 seconds rest exercise A. 20-30 seconds rest exercise B. 


Finishing Mobility Drills:

  • A. Thoracic Bridges - 2 minutes side 2 side

  • B. Shin Box Shifts - 2 Minutes side 2 side 

  • C. Downward Dogs to Child's Pose x 10

Mobility drills, straight sets A - C. 1x through.

Hope you enjoyed the workout!


Much Love,



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