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A Better Way To Do Band Walks . The lateral band walk has been a staple in many coaches and therapists playbook for years now. It’s popularity soared as a result of numerous studies connecting the link between manual hip abduction strength and lower extremity injury risk. . I have no doubt about the importance of the hip abduction and external rotation musculature as it relates to reducing lower extremity issues however I do doubt the efficacy in which it is tested and trained. . My primary issue with the classic lateral band walk is that isolated hip ab/adduction is not a movement that translates to life. Ab/adduction, rotation and flexion/extension happen in sequence together when controlling the relationship between the pelvis and femur and should be trained with that in mind. . I believe the a variation of the band walk shown above has utility as a motor control drill to develop awareness of the relationship between lower leg, femur and pelvis especially in those athletes who are at risk for non-contact lower limb injuries. Following mastery of this drill however, developing strength with traditional single leg exercises would be recommended to develop resiliency in these positions. . Coaching Points: - Tension Into The Band: Place the band under just under the knee. Maintain tension outwards into the band while the foot is on the ground. - Pelvis-Femur Relationship: Coach the athlete to keep the pelvis centered over the femur so that they can sit back into their hip and optimally use their glute musculature. - Ribcage: The athlete should be in a “ribs down” position with the thorax relatively flexed to promote oblique function. Cueing a cross-body reach with the opposite arm can help promote improved rib and pelvis position. - Foot: This drill is beat performed without shoes so that the athlete can feel the ground and develop the intrinsic foot musculature. The athlete should have a straight foot, active arch and relaxed toes. - Regression: If the athlete struggles regress them to an unbanded version of the drill. Id suggest most people start with this version as this drill will often be difficult without the use of a band.

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 Kevin Carr - CFSC, Movement as Medicine, & Boyle's Strength & Conditioning 

"The product that Pedestal Footwear is putting out there is far and away the best choice for minimalist footwear training. The sole of a shoe prevents the foot from receiving rich sensory input from the ground, ultimately changing the way we move. While training barefoot would be great, we can’t have hundreds of dirty feet all over our gym and regular socks slip on the turf and wear through quickly. Pedestal provides us a solution. They’ve given us all the benefits of barefoot training in a sock that is durable, grippy and best of all stink resistant."


Idalis Velazquez - Fitness Professional, NASM CPT, FNS, Creator of Women’s Health ALL IN 8

"I love wearing Pedestals during my lifting and kettlebell training days. They are efficient, durable, and allow my feet and body to get the most out of my workouts."


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GET YOUR FIRST PISTOL SQUAT! - What’s up, Achievers?! @laurenpak22 here with a quick video on some of the progressions we use to get our members to do their first pistol squat. We’ve received a lot of requests lately for a pistol video so here it is! - Now, keep in mind that this is a generalized progression - the pistol squat requires a ton of ankle and hip mobility, single leg strength, core stability, and balance, and we often put in specific remedial exercises for any of those aforementioned areas that could use optimizing. Also, this takes *a lot* of time and patience! Something that also helps is to still perform your lunges, single leg deadlifts, step ups, and squats/deadlifts for general leg strength. Lastly, if you have had a prior history of knee pain or lower back pain, pistols might not be a great exercise choice for you - and that’s totally fine! There are a ton of different exercises (like those ones I mentioned above) you can still perform that have just as much benefit without the excess stress on those joints. - We hope this post helped you out! Until next time, Peace, Love, and Muscles✌️????????! . . . #pistolsquat #pistolsquats #singleleg #singlelegsquat #singlelegtraining #performbetter #pedestalfootwear #somerville #somervillema #achievefitnessboston #squat #squats

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Lauren & Jason Pak - Co-Owners of Achieve Fitness Boston

"Pedestal footwear has been an absolute game changer for our members! They give you all the benefits of being barefoot, while also providing much more durability and quality construction than just a standard sock could offer. Because they can feel the ground so much more, our Achievers are able to express their true strength during squatting and deadlifting movements, while also being able to access their stability more effectively during single leg training. Lastly, we've found Pedestals to be extremely versatile and hold up well to agility ladder drills, lower body plyos, and medicine ball throws! An all-around fantastic piece of footwear that our members have been raving about!"

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