Med Ball Workout Wednesday #41

Med Ball Workout Wednesday #41

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

We are back with a full body med ball workout to help you kick off your hump day.

Make sure to have fun with it and always #DitchYourShoes

Med Ball Mayhem Workout

Go through a proper warm-up routine, I personally love dynamic warm-ups and flow drills

Every movement should be done for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest between

A1) Alternating Reverse Lunges w/ Thruster

A2) Alternating Med Ball Slams - Side/Middle/Side

A3) Med Ball Push-Ups - Moving the ball from one arm to the other with each rep

A4) Med Ball Toss - Assuming you have the space, you want to throw the med ball as far as you can behind your head, make sure to execute a hip hinge and hip extension with the toss

A5) Wall Balls - If you don't have a wall just throw the med ball straight into the air

A6) Stir The Pot - Plank position with your forearms on the med ball and alternate stirring the pot

Thank you for checking us out and be well!

Much love,


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