The Garden of Gainz with BJ Gaddour

We had an unreal trip to the Garden of Gainz with former Men’s Health Fitness Director/Cover Model & Owner of, BJ Gaddour. 

The Garden of Gainz is like a Candy Land for fitness enthusiasts. Every type of functional piece of gym equipment is strategically positioned and integrated into training. And the best part is, you are training outdoors and soaking in the Vitamin D. 

BJ put together an upper body gauntlet of 13 movements with 1 minute of work and 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. It was quick, dirty, sweaty, and we loved it.

The best part was at the end when the three of us squeezed into a unicorn kiddie pool to recover and cool down (pictured above).

You can see most of the workout in the series of videos BJ posted, see below.  It was a magical barefoot experience. 

The Gauntlet of Upper Body Gainz in the Garden of Gainz:

1. Fat Grip Hammer Curls

2. Bandbell Bar Military Press

3. Single Arm Swings

4. Battling Rope Chest Flies

5. Three Way Ring Rows

6. The Predator Upper Body Erge (forward & reverse)

7. Airdyne Bike (just arms with alternating grips)

8. Three Way Band Reverse Flies 

9. Ab Wheel Roll Outs

10. Curls & Reverse Curls w/ Band Resistance 

11. Seated Ski Erg (focused on triceps and then back)

12. Front & Lateral Raises

13. Ultimate Sandbag (two rows to clean and repeat)

We watered the Garden of Gainz with our own sweat and it was glorious. After our group recovery session in the unicorn pool we cruised over to Malibu Farm Pier Cafe for dinner. We had what was the most incredible squash lasagna with extra extra chicken sausage (pictured below).

Thank you BJ and Naomi for hosting us. You guys are truly amazing and we can't wait to do it again soon!

#DitchYourShoes & #BuildYourBase

Much Love,

The Pedestal Guys

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