Best Deadlift Socks

Best Deadlift Socks
If you ever accidentally banged the barbell against your legs while deadlifting, you know how annoying (& painful) it can be. While this type of injury is common, it can be avoided pretty simply. Enter, deadlift socks.

What are deadlift socks?

Deadlift socks are mid-calf to knee-high compression socks that protect your shins and legs from cuts and scrapes from the bar. These socks are becoming a popular clothing accessory for weightlifters, because not only are they functional and can protect your legs, knees and shins during workouts, but they also come in a variety of appealing colors and styles.

What makes the best deadlift compression socks?

man deadlifting wearing pedestal socks

Some gym-goers may use basic lifting socks, and often those will suffice. For those looking to step up their gym attire from the ground up, here are a few things to look for:

  • They should be tight.

  • The ability to grip the floor well.

  • Provide anti-odor sock linings.

  • Tall enough to protect your shins.

  • The ability to perform barefoot deadlifts comfortably.

Not all compression socks provide the same level of protection as deadlift socks, which becomes increasingly important as you progress in weightlifting and begin lifting heavier weights.

Are deadlift socks worth it?

Yes, especially when compared to the alternatives. Some people feel they need to go barefoot since it lets your feet and toes grip the ground and can provide power and stability. However, this approach actually opens you up to injury to your legs. Plus, your feet can start to sweat which can actually make things slippery and risky. There are also some hygiene concerns to consider from walking around a gym unprotected.

Best Deadlift Socks in 2022

Where do you begin when looking for the best deadlift socks? What about comparing the different brands in terms of features and overall functionality?

Pedestal Footwear

Pedestal offers a variety of features for different types of gym-goers, from pilates & yoga to weightlifting & powerliting. We designed our socks to be super durable and offer next-level grips. Pedestals are available in 2 sizes: ankle cut or mid-calf sock style for extra protection. Here are a few reasons to choose Pedestal as your deadlift socks.

Other Brands

There are a plethora of other brands that make cool deadlifting socks, often with many designs and styles. These socks may be longer and offer a bit more protection than Pedestals, but typically come with a higher price tag and offer leg coverage as their only advantage.

Questions to ask about other brands:

  • Are they a fitness company? Or simply just a sock company?

  • Where do they source their materials from?

  • Where are their products made?

  • How does the brand communicate with its customers?

  • Can you use them without shoes?

Our Pick? Pedestal Footwear.

Overall, based on the criteria listed above, Pedestal should be considered one of the best deadlift socks on the market. Not only do these socks provide excellent all-around grip and durability, but they are also cost-effective and available in a variety of styles and designs. Non-slip technology allows Pedestals to provide the same stability as working out barefoot, with the added protection of grip socks.
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