Deadlift Workout Routines

Lately, I have been keeping my workouts between 30-45 minutes. My workouts start with pairing two main lifts at 5 sets of 5. Try this out if you are looking for a solid deadlift and dips only routine:

  • Deadlift - 80% of max - 5 x 5 

  • Weighted dips - Can increase weight each set. 5 x 5 

You should/can do variations each time (block pull, trap bar, single leg, deficit) while also trying to slightly increase the weight or do more sets of a previous weight.

Whatever your workout involves, we highly recommend that you try our socks for deadlifting and or powerlifting - you won't regret it!

Hungry for more deadlift workout plans? Try these:

A) Deadlift - Work up to 5 x 5 at 70%

Tri Set (video below)

B1) High Box TRX Step Up's - 3 x 8 Each 

B2) Valslide Reverse Lunge -3 x 8 Each

B3) Bent Over Barbell Row - 3 x 12

 Tri Set (video below)

C1) KB Press - 3 X 8

C2) Kneeling Band Pulldowns - 3 x 12

C3) Valslide Bodysaw Push-up - 3 x 5 Each


D) TRX Y's - 3 x 15





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