Pedestal Movements w/ Meghan, Dana, & Ryan

We are lucky to have such awesome advocates always pushing content in their Pedestals. Seeing such elite performance coaches preaching the importance of barefoot training validates our work and we are grateful for their support.

In this week's blog post we highlight movements from @movement.with.meghan, @mobilitymaker, and @mryanwellcoach.

Check out their most recent Pedestal videos below and let us know what you think!

Open Your Hips w/ @movement.with.meghan 

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#MobilityMonday Been a minute since I’ve posted any muscle releases... Here I target two muscles I often find to be overlooked when it comes to addressing hip tension or even low back pain. . . 1️⃣SEATED ADDUCTOR/GROIN RELEASE ????Tips: Place an @acumobility ball or trigger point tool of choice/availability, place it up by your groin under the inside,meaty, portion of the thigh. Compress with a hand or second acumobility ball over over the ball under the thigh. Take the leg through range of motion. Lean forward to intensify the release. *Move the ball or lessen the pressure if you feel any type of pulsing or tingling in the leg* 2️⃣ PRONE PSOAS/HIP FLEXOR RELEASE ????Tips: Find the bone in the front of your hip and place an @acumobility ball or trigger point release tool of choice about a thumbs length in. Lay on the ball either flat on the floor, propped on a yoga block or book, or on a bench. Take the hip through range of motion. *Move the ball if you feel any type of pulsing or tingling * . . These are great for your typical 9-5 desk jockey with hip or low back pain as well as athletes who’s sports tend to require creating explosive power through the hips and legs. For some people, you’re both! ????????‍????????????‍♀️ . . Generally if you use these as a warm up I recommend hunting around for a couple tender sports and working through a few reps of range of motion. For recovery feel free to slow the pace down and really try to breath through some of the restrictions as you release them. ???????? . . Save these for later, give these a try, and let me know what you think! ???? . . . . #sportsmassage #orthopedicmassage #selfmyofascialrelease #myofascialrelease #hiprelease #hips #lowbackpain #triggerpoint #triggerpointtherapy #sportsmedicine #sportsperformance #selfcare #recovery #prehab #athlete #cpt #parkourstrong #acumobility #acumobilityball #acumobmeghan #acumobilitymeghan #movementwithmeghan

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Lateral Lung Flows w/ @mobilitymaker 

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Have you tried the Vipr Pro for loaded movement training????? . Here’s a look at me using it in a flowing lateral lunge movement this afternoon in my #garagegym training session. It’s a great new tool I recently added to my arsenal when my new friend, Vipr inventor and fellow @perform_better speaker, @micholdalcourt came out to visit a couple months back (swipe to see a 2nd video clip of Michol educating @donovan.santas and I on the Vipr’s endless array of uses for mobility, strength, stability and agility training).???? . Because I’m diligent about ensuring that all planes of motion are covered in my training sessions, I love when I find a new way to train in the frontal plane, like this lateral lunge flow.???? . Don’t let the video fool you; it’s not easy…which is why I’m not moving very fast. When I first watched the playback, I thought there was a delay/the video was slowed down because I definitely felt like I was moving faster and more fluidly. Apparently, not! Granted, this is my 5th round of ten and the Vipr is 16kg (35.2lbs), which seems to get heavier and heavier with every rep. But, clearly, I have some work to do with this!???? . If you want to give this move a try, here are some tips: ✅Viprs come in all different weights; you don’t have to come out fo the gates at 16kg—try 8kg or 10kg to start. Or, if you don’t have a Vipr, simply use an unweighted dowel. ✅Hold the Vipr in the opposite hand of the leg you’re stepping out, maintaining control of the weight through the entire movement (don’t let it pull you down). ✅ I did sets of 10 (actually, in this last set, I was tired and miscounted, so I did a bonus rep for 11). Start with a rep range of 6-8, making sure you’re comfortable with your form and don’t experience any knee m, back or hip pain. ✅Pay attention to your step width and foot position to be sure it’s even on both sides. ✅As you speed up, the Vipr may start to creep forward. Use your hand to gently twist and pull it back towards you as you come back to standing in between reps. . #viprpro #vipr #garagegymtraining #mobilitytraining #loadedmobility #loadedmobilitytraining #movebetter #performbetter

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Throwing Biomechanics w/ @mryanwellcoach 

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Throwing biomechanics. ⚾️???? . What I love most about higher learning at this point in my life is the direct integration of my studies into my career. ???????? . My friend and pitching expert @robsteinert2 has contributed to the development of over 50 prospects drafted by MLB franchises. Our discussions regarding movement and pitching specific training are always engaging. Most recently we paired his baseball eye with my education in foot mechanics. ⚾️???????????????? The ground, the foot, the hip, the pelvis, the trunk, thoracic extension, shoulder external rotation, elbow valgus, and distal finger joint extensibility all impact throwing mechanics. Enter @viprpro ⚾️ 1. Footwork: momentum towards the target, weight on back leg. 2. Acceleration: front knee flexed, pelvis is slightly open to target, trunk flexes and rotates. 3. Deceleration: shoulder internally rotates while the elbow extends, the back leg lifts off the ground 4. Follow through: absorption of high forces generated within the body (McCaig & Young, 2016). . #wbi #kineticenergytransfer #ditchyourshoes #thebodydoesnotmoveinisolation #MSKin #atsu #relatableprogramming

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Keep Ditching Your Shoes!

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