Physio Ball Core Series W / Back Bay Health

Physio Ball Core Series W / Back Bay Health

Recently, I have been dealing with some hip and groin tightness so I went in to visit Tim Latham (my go to wizard) at Back Bay Health & Performance

We started with some manual therapy work on the table and then he walked me through an awesome series of movements. These exercises have become my homework for the next couple weeks and so far they have really been helping.

One of my favorites is the Physio Ball Series. It is safe, effective, and easy to progress and regress depending on your level of fitness. 

Check out the video below and listen to Tim as he coaches me up on the movements. This will get your core fired up!

This series includes the following:

1. Varying Intensity 

2. Deadbug

3. Barrel Roll 

4. Partner assisted perturbation (not pictured)  - Partner tries to push and pull the ball in all directions while you attempt to hold it still. 




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