The Only Two Moves You Need

The Only Two Moves You Need

Happy Sunday Pedestal Family!

We are back with two moves that will hit every part of your body.

The Swing & TGU are staples in most training programs at this point so we figured we would highlight both of them in this week's Sunday Sweat Workout. 

The Swing & TGU Workout

Perform 3 Rounds or more of the below:

A1) Swings X 30 Reps - feel free to mix up swing variations

Below is a video of the Swings Ring of Fire from Iron Monkey Strength 



A2) TGU X 5 Reps Per Side - take your time, it's all about quality reps

Below is another TGU PR from our friends at Iron Monkey Strength 


Thank you for reading and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,



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