Get Better Sleep Tonight with this Simple Trick

Get Better Sleep Tonight with this Simple Trick

In the wellness space, sleep takes a back seat to exercise and nutrition. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, decreased athletic performance, increased risk of heart disease, depression, and weakened immune function. A great night sleep will do wonders to your overall health and wellness. 

There are a ton of remedies and methods to help you get quality sleep. Some examples include melatonin, magnesium, sticking to a sleep schedule, and eliminating blue light/devices two hours before bed. If you have been trying these and haven't had much success or aren't enjoying them, we have a great solution for you. 

Did you know that your body temperature drops one to two degrees when you sleep? This happens as a way to save energy, so that you wake up feeling refreshed. Have you ever been hot and taken your shoes off? You may have noticed that ditching your shoes helps cool and relax your body almost immediately.  

When you slip between the sheets tonight, take one foot out from under the sheets. This will cool and relax your body temperature to achieve optimal sleep. If you have a fan, try pointing it toward the bottom of your feet for an even greater effect. 



Give this simple hack a try and let us know what you think.


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