Foot Strengthening | Wake up your Feet with this Deadlift Variation

Foot Strengthening | Wake up your Feet with this Deadlift Variation
Being barefoot and deadlifting go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter what variation you prefer, ditching your shoes for your deadlifts will bring a whole host of benefits. These benefits include increased balance, reduced range of motion, a more engaged posterior chain, and enhanced proprioception.

If you want to add a variation that will fire up your arches and strengthen your feet, try the "banded 2-1 single leg deadlift". For those who over pronate (flat feet), this is a great exercise to add into your routine.

There is another  2-1 deadlift technique that you may have heard of. In that variation, you deadlift the weight with two feet on the concentric phase (pulling up) and then lower the weight (eccentric phase) with one leg.

With the banded 2-1 single leg deadlift, you start at the top on one leg. With the band secured to the wall or ground, stand a few paces away and grab the band with two hands shoulder width apart. Hinge down on one leg  (single leg deadlift) and when you get to the bottom of the rep let one arm go. When you let go, the band will naturally start to shake (perturbation). Try to maintain your balance while the band shakes. Using the one arm that is still grabbing the band, deadlift up to return to the starting position. Aim to get 3 unbroken reps (losing balance/having to put your foot down) on one side before trying with the other leg. Take note of which side is harder for you.

Disclaimer: I did these and got in the car after and my feet were sore when pushing the pedals.

See video below:



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