Our Workout Wednesday Blog!

If you love to workout, you already know that you need to switch up your routines regularly. The dreaded plateau is often a result of doing the same exercises over and over again. The good news is that branching out is one of the best ways to stay connected to your mind and body.

It's why we created our Workout Wednesday blog. Crushing that mid-week slump starts with a new challenge. Here's what you'll find waiting for you on our page.

New Workouts Every Wednesday

Whether it's jump squats, table hip bridges, or around-the-world lunges, you'll find new well-rounded Wednesday fitness challenges. We've pieced together exercises that will tackle different muscle groups in the body. You'll find recommendations for the number of reps and rounds. Of course, you're always welcome to go an extra round if you're feeling up for it.

We also provide tips for getting more out of each movement. Effective exercise sometimes means speeding up for better cardio, but for strength work, you may really need to slow it down.

Ditch Your Shoes

All of our workouts can be done while wearing only your Pedestals. Be warned, there are some workouts that require dumbbells and kettlebells. Our advice: try not to drop one on your toes!

But for the most part, you'll find workouts that are a little less equipment-focused, such as plank walks, wall sprints, reverse crabwalks, and split jacks. We even have couch workouts for those who aren't straying too far from their TV.

Wednesday Workout Motivation

Even true fitness buffs will struggle with motivation from time to time. Sometimes, it doesn't take all that much to forget our original goals. A single injury, setback, or schedule change can be enough to throw us off track. We know how difficult to can be to rally. It's why our blog posts are short and sweet: simply visit the page and hop to it. While these exercises are tough enough to build you up, most can be completed (or modified) if you're easing back in.

Wednesday fitness is a great way to shake up the week, blasting away any leftover stress from the early week and getting you pumped for the weekend around the corner. We're here to give you a dose of Wednesday workout motivation, so you have everything you need to get yourself in gear. Our socks are here to give you just enough stability for your workouts without compromising your form or power.