Mike Ryan's Favorite Pedestal Movements

Mike Ryan is the Complex Tier X Trainer of E by Equinox on Madison Ave in NYC. He is a world class performance coach and swears by his Pedestals for himself and his clients. 

Below are three movements that Mike integrates with all of his clients and we think you will enjoy them as well.

Happy Crushing!


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Shoulder health. . The ball and socket joint is complex with 3 degrees of freedom and beyond, when considering the role of the elbow and wrist in upper extremity movement behavior. . Closed chain movements, like the side kick through, inspired by the environmental drivers of gravity and the ground reactive force to integrate proximal and distal neutralizers, stabilizers and synergists. . Real motion of the humerus, scapula and thoracic spine contributes to relative motion while the hand remains fixed and the humerus rotates around a stable scapula and mobile thorax. . Tactile feedback from the ground improves proximal stability, postural integrity and shoulder mobility. . #groundbasedmovement #thefloorisyourfriend #animalflowpractice #scapulohumeraljoint #correctiveexercise #eqxtierx #mnr

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Purposeful movement. #complexity . In the spirit of the joint by joint approach, Cook’s Three R’s, and Janda’s sensorimotor training recommendations, attention to intention impacts programming in critical, yet subtle ways. . Consider: 1. GRF (environmental) 2. The vertical path of gravity (environmental) 3. Concentric ankle plantar flexion (closed chain) 4. Concentric ankle dorsiflexion from foot to core (open chain with irradiation) 5. Internal hip rotation 6. External hip rotation 7. Stable trunk (force transduction) 8. Thoracic mobility 9. Upper extremity stability (joint centration) 10. The environment, the science, the organism (whole body integration - totality of the above) . #msk #alignedunderload #movewithfms #tgu #wholebodyintegration #movewellmoveoften #fromthegroundup #barefootstrong

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Thank you for reading and #DitchYourShoes

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