Runner? Try this lunge!

Do it for stability and power

The core:

There are many lunge variations and all of them have their own purpose. These include building different muscle groups and relieving back pain. For the purpose of running we want a dynamic exercise that builds stability; the Runners Lunge. 


Most people train stability with little to no movement and focus on the joint itself (foot/ankle). An example of one of these exercises is a single leg stand. While these are important to incorporate, you also want an exercise that challenges full body stability. 

This Runners Lunge is great because it challenges both full body AND joint stability. It is also a dynamic movement that mimics the running motion. Instead of worrying about adding load/weight to the movement, focus on explosively driving the back leg to the finish and stick at the top.  


Grab a mat, rolled up shirt, or airex pad and place one foot on top. Lunge backward with the opposite leg, touch the ground, and then explode up in the running motion. Make sure to stick the knee drive at the top and repeat. Do this for 5 reps on one side before continuing to the other.

Include this exercise before your next run and let us know how you feel.


Be well,


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