Your deadlift just increased!

Your deadlift just increased!
Last week we addressed maintaining tension in the squat using two rubber bands.

Continuing with the tension theme, we transition to the Deadlift. This simple exercise will help you understand what constant tension should feel like during a Deadlift.

One of the big themes in the Deadlift is engaging the lats and the whole posterior chain, but for many including myself you just don't know what that entails.

Use the below exercise as a primer to groove the movement before hitting Deadlifts or any hinge variation. I actually did these before some Kettlebell swings and they really helped.

Take a dowel, stick, barbell, or whatever else you may have and loop it through a band. Before hinging down to the floor, pull the stick down and into the hips (you'll instantly feel the lats engage). Begin the hinge and deadlift as you would normally keeping the stick close to the body the whole time. Stand up, release the tension, and repeat. An added bonus of this exercise is it helps maintain a solid bar path throughout the movement.

Happy Deadlifting!



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