Rubber Band Squat Hack #FootFetishFriday

While there are many tips and tricks when it comes to the squat (just do a quick search and see for yourself), one of the main reoccurring themes is "creating tension". 

Creating tension is definitely a starting point, but I think we can take it a bit further and MAINTAIN tension throughout the duration of the movement. Some tips/cues for tension include spreading the floor, pulling the bar through your body, etc. That being said, how do you really gauge your level of tension and core stability when under load? While I am impartial here, I would say that it all starts at the foot or more specifically the big toe. So, how do you make sure you are maintaining tension in the big toe?...a couple of rubber bands!

If you are doing these right and maintaining that tension throughout, you should break a sweat relatively quick (I was pouring swear after just 3 x 5). 

Here are steps below:

Step 1 - Tie two rubber bands together


Step 2 - Place rubber band under the top of the big toe on both feet.

Step 3 - Squat and maintain tension on rubber band throughout. 

We hope you enjoy this little hack and look forward to getting your feedback! 

Have fun and Ditch Your Shoes!



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