Full Body Blast | Give These Two Exercises A Go!

Full Body Blast | Give These Two Exercises A Go!

Have you ever walked into a supplement shop, restaurant, or even just searched the internet and found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of options? You may find yourself so buried in the labels, brands, and ingredients that you end up walking out with nothing. This is often the case with exercise and workout selection. More commonly referred to as paralysis by analysis. With so many options to choose from, where does one start? 

Of course, the easiest solution is to have a program that you follow along and build upon session after session. That being said, it gets boring after a while and you may find yourself burnt out. Besides, I enjoy the creative process of putting together a workout and seeing how my body responds to it. 

A general guideline that I use for creating my workouts is sticking to the four main movement patterns. These movement patterns are the squat, hinge, push, and pull. Another tip for creating workouts, is to have a consistent warm-up routine. This will ensure that you at least get started and will allow your creative juices to start flowing.  

Below is a recent workout that I came up with and love. This 1-2 combo builds head-to-toe stability and balance. 

Exercise A - Do 5 reps on each side before continuing to exercise B. 

 Exercise B - Do 5 reps each side. 


Hope you enjoy!

Be well,


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