Glute Gaines & My New Favorite At Home Workout


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4 MOVES FOR GLUTE GAINS! - What’s up, Achievers?! @laurenpak22 here and today I’m going over some moves today that you can use in order to improve your glute development! The majority of the moves you’ll see on IG in regards to glute gains are typically really slow tempo, pulsing, “feel the burn” type of movements - which are all fantastic and much needed for awareness and additional engagement. - However, you also need to incorporate moves like squats, deadlifts, single leg exercises like lunges and step ups, and power moves like sprinting, jumping, and kettlebell work to utilize your glutes to their fullest potential! You might not “feel” it as much, but trust us they’re major players in terms of overall glute function and development. - Not only that, we like to also add in exercises that encourage more range of motion like the high box step up, offset loads like the single leg deadlift, and banded exercises like the single leg banded bridge. - If you want even more glute knowledge, go check out @bretcontreras1 - the “Glute Guy”! - We hope this post helped you out! Until next time,✌️????????! . . . #glute #glutes #gluteworkout #somervillema #achievefitnessboston

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For some reason I always get in better shape during the fall and winter months. I think it's because the beer, burgers, and ice cream call my name throughout the spring and summer. 

When I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a workout, I always take a look at Achieve's IG page for inspiration. They recently posted a quick Glute Gaines workout (posted at the top of the blog) as well an incredibly simple and effective template for designing training sessions (posted below). 

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Putting together a workout for yourself can be super stressful! It can be really hard to know where to begin, so we wanted to take some of that stress away and give you some general guidelines for how to put together a total body workout that is smart, well-rounded, and suited to your goals. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive breakdown of program design, we do think it’s a great starting point and will be much more beneficial than just haphazardly throwing a bunch of exercises together! If you have any questions at all, please ask in the comments! We’re happy to be here to help support you in your fitness endeavors!! . . . #workout #strengthworkout #fitness #totalbodyworkout

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I'm back into the swing of things with jiu jitsu, training at Achieve, and getting in some home workouts when I'm crunched for time. The other day I whipped a quick one up because I had less than an hour between meetings but really wanted to crush. 

I landed on the below workout which you can scale pretty easily. 

It went as follows:

10 Rounds (for time if you want to be a hardass)

A1) Burpees X 10 reps

A2) Reverse Lunges or Lateral Lunges - I mixed them up X 10 reps

A3) KB Rows X 10 reps

A4) Single Arm Swings X 10 reps

It hit everything, got my heart pumping, and yet, was completely manageable in terms of keeping good form. 

The workout was about 30 minutes and felt great. My goal is to improve my time and/or increase the reps so that I keep working towards improvement. 

We would love to hear about your favorite quickie that you get in at home, in your office, or on the road. 

Thank you for reading and #DitchYourShoes

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