Side Plank With Adduction / Copenhagen Plank

Side Plank With Adduction / Copenhagen Plank

You can never have enough core exercises in the tool belt and I enjoy exploring new ways to challenge the core. In a previous post, we talked about the Chinese Plank and it's many benefits. 

Following up from last weeks post, Tim at Back Bay Health and Performance took me through a progression of the traditional side plank. This is known as a side plank with adduction or also referred to as a Copenhagen Plank. 

Tim mentioned that one of the big mistakes he sees with this plank is that people shift their weight to the forearm making the exercise easier and much less effective. Instead, you should aim to create enough tension in the top leg to essentially lift the whole lower half before progressing. 

In the video below we start with creating tension and then progress to the full exercise at the end. Watch and listen below as Tim coaches me through the exercise.  

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