Your Poor Feet | Foot Health

Your Poor Feet | Foot Health

Your hands and feet (extremities) are built in a remarkably similar way. In fact, there are 26 bones in each foot and 27 in each hand. While your hands and feet are alike in structure, they are quite the opposite in how they are cared for on a daily basis. Think about all of the things you do with your hands on a daily basis, while your feet stay dormant in shoes.


What would happen to the strength, dexterity, and sense of touch in your hands if you wore gloves on them for a majority of your life? Well, this is exactly what shoes are doing to your feet as you move through life. Therefore, finding a cause for all of the common foot ailments should start with analyzing the long-term affects of shoes. Think about your feet now and what might happen to them after being in shoes for 20 more years.

Speaking of wearing gloves all day, check out the video below of some common daily activities that are quite different and awkward with gloves on...



While we are not advocating that you just take all of your shoes and toss them in the trash, we do suggest spending as much time as you can sans shoes. There is absolutely no problem with being a sneaker head, but make sure to set aside some time to treat your feet how they want to be treated. One of the best places to ditch your shoes is at the gym where you are safe from the elements and can start to build strength from the ground up. Not to mention, it is a safer and more effective workout as your feet are forced to work hard in order to maintain balance and stability.


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